Sunday, September 16, 2007


Getting ready to leave town for 9 days for a whirlwind trip (2200+ miles round trip) down to Orlando for the Walt Disney World Triathlon next Sunday. It's an Olympic distance plus - with about 11 extra miles in the bike leg. Fine with me! I just hope the race management has improved over the bad reports it's gotten previously. Frankly, I'm not expecting much except a family camping trip in the RV!

Yes, we're still renting one, although we really would like to buy one within the next year. I'm sure we would use it a lot. It's really quite expensive to rent them and I'm sure we'd get our money's worth out of owning one. Renting has allowed us the opportunity to try a few different models and figure out what we want in a purchase a little better, though. This time around it's a Winnebago View, a 24-foot diesel model much smaller than those we rented before. (The last one we rented was 31 feet long, which we decided was just too big and cumbersome to drive and maneuver.)

Right now I'm consumed with packing lists (I wised up and stored it on Google documents this time so my husband and I can both access and add to it), and making big stacks of things to go with us in our utility room. There's an incredible amount of stuff to take - fortunately the RV is very forgiving about overpacking! When you load it in your driveway you don't have to worry too much about having too much extra stuff as long as it all fits in the cabinets. I've always been a chronic overpacker, anyway.


Shelley said...

Cool..I really have to rent one of these things for one of my trips someday!!! Have fun.

Holly said...

Have a WONDERFUL time! Bring back lots of picture to BLOG!

Holly said...
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Bigun said...

I sold me a couple of those view's in my nearly 5 years selling rv's - if you have any questions in the future about RV purchases, just ask (I'm not in the RV biz anymore...)

I hope Disney is better than last year for you! I cant see how it could be any worse! Have a great of luck on your trip!

Andra Sue said...

Good luck at Disney! A bunch of my old training buddies are racing, too. Hope you all have a great time! And make sure to eat one of those mickey-head ice creams after the race!!! :)