Sunday, September 09, 2007

Inaugural Annapolis Triathlon

Just back from the Annapolis Triathlon, which was GREAT!

Too tired to write much of a race report right now. I'll update this post as I have energy to fill in the details.

Watch times:
Swim 1500m/1690 yd: 36:54 (2:15/100 yd)
T1: 4:56 (seemed longer! but the bike run-out was very short)
Bike 37 km/23.0 miles: 1:30:17 (15.28 mph)
T2: 2:50 (huge run with the bike to the very last rack).
Run 10km/6.2 miles: 1:17:01 (12:25 min/mile)
Total: 3:32:00

Official results of 377 female starters:

337 NANCY TOBY 50 SAINT MICHAELS MD 3:31:54.00 291 36:51 310 4:47 325 1:30:26 15.7 316 2:12:03 258 2:52 337 1:17:00 12:24

And FIRST PLACE ATHENA 40+!!! (and only Athena finisher over 40 - but hey, you have to enter, show up, and finish, to WIN!). Wow, guess I should have stuck around for the awards ceremony!

That's a PR for me for Olympic courses by 12:23! But the only other Olympic course I've done is Columbia, and the 4 km longer bike course there accounts for about 10 minutes of the difference. But I'd say the bike courses are comparable in how relentlessly hilly they both are!

My bike satellite view (I have no idea why click-to-enlarge isn't working right. Hey, we're talking Blogger here):

Bike course elevations from my Garmin:

My heart rate and pace on the combined bike and run courses:

The satellite view of my run:

A close-up of the convoluted run course around the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium (obviously the satellite photos were taken on a different day, or you would be able to see the bike-run transition area!).

Race day weather: No wind at all for the swim, hurrah! Wind picked up on the bike course so that we had a headwind on the return leg. Then nearly full sun and negligible evaporation on the run equals a hot slog.

Beautiful gold medals!


*jeanne* said...

Oh, Nance. That was today. I missed it. Oh, I am sorry.

*jeanne* said...

You rock.

DebbieJRT said...

Congratulations, Nancy! Way to go!

triathlonmom said...

maybe if i hang around 'til i'm 40 doing these races i'll give you run for your money.
Congratulations, it is well deserved.

Fe-lady said...

Congratulations Nancy! That's a huge hunk of time you knocked off SOMETHING you are doing is working really well! (You aren't running with 4 legs are you???) :-)

stronger said...

Great Job Nancy! That's a first place GOLD medal!!

jeanne said...

fantastic!!! FIRST PLACE! what great times!

What an accomplishment! Sit back and enjoy.

Spokane Al said...

Congratulations on a race well run. You rocked!

Brent Buckner said...

HARDWARE and PR! w00t!

triannapolis said...


thanks for the great review of our first year running the race.We are hopeful that in the coming year we are able to work through some of the challenges which we were presented with in creation of an urban race to make this race continue on in the years to come and still have everyone enjoy the event like this year. Keep on tri-ing and congrats!!!