Monday, September 17, 2007

We doubted her!

Last Friday Catherine's backpack mysteriously contained 3 little Matchbox-type cars. I figured she just "accidentally" took them from school. So - I sent back the 3 little cars today in her backpack with a note to the teacher.

They were returned with a note - they are HERS and they're what she selected from the Prize Cart and bought with her "Saints Dollars" that she earned for good behavior in class!!

Awww, and we thought we had a budding thief on our hands!!! I'm sorry I ever doubted her!!! (Then again, she didn't explain exactly how they got into her backpack very coherently, so I'm not sure she quite understands the whole monetary transaction concept. She thinks money is little plastic cards.)

I'm sure that my husband will be proud that she selected CARS for her first ever purchase!

(I haven't seen any toys in Elisabeth's backpack.... I guess she didn't earn enough Saints Dollars to buy anything??? She probably OWES them Saints Dollars.... heh.)

Update: No, no, no, it's not a religious program!! Remember, we live in the town of Saint Michaels, so we've got the head archangel in charge of things around town!! All the school teams are the Saints. So you think I should file an ACLU lawsuit? ;-)


Fe-lady said...

Cute, does she cheat at Candyland? Then you have a problem on your hands for sure! :-) My daughter used to hide the purple person card, whomever that is, so she wouldn't have to miss a turn, or go back....!

Nancy Toby said...

Hah! I never knew it was possible to cheat at Candyland! We have Dora the Explorer Candyland, so of course Catherine has to be Dora, and she lets Elisabeth be Backpack. Or Boots the monkey.

triathlonmom said...

Here in Richmond, we have Saint Christopher's school (ya know for boys who want to marry the President's daughter)...all those rich folks wear shirts that say "My son is a Saint!" Makes me giggle every time, probably because i'm such a cynic. Maybe you should go get a custom shirt for her?

Wendy said...

There's a Dora Candyland?? (I'm so out of touch!)

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Very cute :)

Cheating at Candyland... hmm, not sure, although my, uh, "friend" yeah, my friend, used to make a drinking game out of Candyland in highschool when she would go to parties. Crazy girl, that friend. :P

Comm's said...

When I was child mom used to wonder how I came home from church WITH money. i told her when they passed the tithe plate around I thought God was giving us money for going to church.


That's sweet.

Same thing happened to us only our six year old hadn't figured out the difference between stealing, and borrowing without asking. We had to walk him around to about four different houses and make him return stuff, and apologize.

Aren't kids precious. He does make a great coach though. Never lets me leave for a ride without my water bottles.


jeanne said...

so you're saying what, money isn't little plastic cards???