Saturday, July 30, 2005

Our Track Meet

We had our own little track meet on the school track this morning, just for fun. Names have been slightly altered to protect those publicity-shy individuals among us wary of the paparazzi. :-)

Catherine Toby: 40.37

Web Sphinx: 21.04, 21.93
Runbig: 23.00, 24.76
Goshawk: 23.45, 28.72
Chocoliq: 24.60, 30.73
Track Zygote: 25.66, 28.44

Web Sphinx: 43.43
Runbig: 50.75
Track Zygote: 58.20
Chocoliq: 1:07.42

Web Sphinx: 1:42
Runbig: 2:05
Track Zygote: 2:23

Catherine was the star runner of the meet and received the most applause from the crowds and also had the most fun, so she won.


tri-mama said...

Wow you gals look hot! I've got to get out on the track more :) Sounds like you are have a fun week, should stay cool a little longer-but we're heating up again, so you know...

Flatman said...

WAY TO GO! I love running at the track...I feel so important!

Downhillnut said...

Oh I like that criterion for winning - them's that has the most fun wins :)

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