Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another jogstroller day

Back out again with the girls for 3.3 miles on most of the roads that we were on yesterday. I looked carefully at each object on the roadsides on the way - including lots of empty beer cans, cigarette packs, and a whole case of Miller High Life empties that somebody kindly dumped at the end of a driveway along Million-Dollar Riverview Drive, but no sign of the errant sandal. Oh well. I originally bought them on eBay for almost nothing - why pay $$$ for kids' shoes that they'll grow out of before they're worn out?

Another anecdote I told to Tri-Daddy earlier: Whenever Catherine sees a man, she yells out, "Daddy! Hi Daddy!" She will yell this at *any* man she spots. It's kind of embarrassing when we go past the construction workers at the building site.

Today we finished up with a little walk around the school track, just to give the girls a little exercise too. I let them both out of the jogstroller and we started on our way around. It was like herding cats. They want to wander off and pick clover flowers and shake the fence and go the wrong way and fall down and Catherine will go off running some other direction and they'll do everything except walk in the same direction that Mom is walking. We only got about a third of the way around before they started getting too hot. Sheesh! Only 93*F heat index today, girls! We headed back across the infield for the jogstroller. Elisabeth had quite enough and stopped in the middle of the grass in the infield and stood there and started crying, so I had to wheel the jogstroller back to fetch her and load her in before we could head home. Awww, the poor little thing only started walking in early April, three months ago.

Totally unrelated house note: After coming down with a severe case of Storage Envy gazing at Commodore's photos, I scheduled a professional closet service to come over and give us an estimate on whipping our storage situation into shape in the utility/laundry room. In our tiny house, we need to optimize storage. They offer a free computer design and estimate, so I'll let you know how it goes.


TriFeist said...

Wow. You are serious about storage. Guess you have to be with 3 extra lives to organize. Glad to hear that the girls like the track, even if you stay too long and walk too far. :-)

*jeanne* said...

I love that "Hi, Daddy!" story!
Very funny! :-)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I have storage envy now as well and I have a huge house, but it will never be that organized.