Thursday, December 20, 2007

To Santa's Workshop

. . . with the pre-K class. First we had a book exchange in the classroom. . . .

. . . then bundled up to walk into town to the church hall to see Santa. (Elisabeth wanted nothing to do with that evil man in red.)

I couldn't hear what Catherine asked for, but she said later she asked for an airplane. (Jeez, what about the helicopter!?) I'm surprised she didn't specify a Cessna and specific model number. They were also able to pick out some nice presents for Daddy and wrap them with MUCH help. And eat cupcakes and Cheetohs.


Ellie Hamilton said...

They're getting so big! What a fun afternoon, even though tiring. Thanks for the pictures!

Fe-lady said...

Really- such long legs! Only a couple more years to really be able to sit on Santa's lap! :-)
Cute pix! Your girls are beautiful...makes me miss my "little kids" at school this time of year!