Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The helicopter

The present that Catherine is convinced that she's getting from Santa this year is a helicopter (since one of her TV characters, Max of the child-neglect cartoon Max and Ruby has a toy one).

The babysitter today brought over two presents for the girls (book-sized) which I put under the tree. I told them Santa wouldn't bring them more if they opened these. It's KILLING the girls not to be able to open them.

Catherine proclaimed that one was her helicopter. I said it didn't look like a helicopter shape to me. Then she decided it must be the CONTROLLER for the helicopter. Sheesh!! Where does she learn these things??

(Of course, since she's been going on about it consistently for a few weeks, I had to find her a helicopter - I found this one at Amazon which is a toy replica of the "Dinoco helicopter" from the animated movie Cars. They haven't seen the movie, but I think this will do. . . . although it does have the obnoxious voice of that hick character Mater, so we may have to forcibly remove the batteries very quickly and permanently).


LBTEPA said...

My daughter is often a bit sad how quickly the batteries on annoying toys 'go flat' LOL.
She told Santa at the shopping centre (but not me or J) that she wanted a panda for Christmas, "just a small toy one". A panda it is.

GeekGirl the Iron said...

You could always superglue the battery compartment shut. She doesn't need to know that it makes any noise at all. (Mater is about as obnoxious as it gets...I think I dated him once...)