Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I rode today!

I received this photo today in an email hawking cycling and triathlon products. The, uh, "product placement" (so to speak) cracked me up.

Anyway, we were favored with an unusually warm December day today and I was able to get out for ten miles on the bike. Not much distance to speak of, but it was wonderful just being able to wear a light vest and be quite comfortable out there.

I forgot to even think about my leg issue until I was out there about 20 minutes, so that must mean it's fine for cycling. Probably fine for everything from here on out, thankfully.


LBTEPA said...

so where was the 'this may make you snort tea out of your nose' warning on this post?
That's good news about your leg :)

21stCenturyMom said...

I somehow don't think that a skinny little pseudo-tallywhacker is the way to a man's heart or his wallet. That ad is hysterical!

Rainmaker said...

Funny, when combing your title "I rode today" with just the photo (it's what I saw first), my first thought was "She rode him today?"