Saturday, December 15, 2007

Swim lessons

No, not for me, although I could always use some technique tips.

I've committed my 4-year-old Catherine to being at the Y at 10AM every Saturday for 8 weeks for swimming lessons starting in January ($35, what a bargain!), so that means that I'll have to be there too. What I think I'll do is go early and put her in child care and try to get in a swim every week before her lesson - and then I can finish it off with some more laps or hit the sauna or spectate during her lesson.

I can always run on the treadmill or do weights, I suppose, but I'll end up getting wet anyway so I might as well swim!!

Elisabeth isn't quite ready yet, but maybe she will become envious enough that seeing Catherine go off to her lessons every week will be enough to push her over the "readiness edge".


LBTEPA said...

that is a bargain! I hope she has a great time.
Your new hair sounds really nice :)

TriBoomer said...

My kids love their swimming lessons. Enjoy these days, Nancy.

Stay tuned...

Brent Buckner said...


m said...


That sounds like my schedule. I drop David off at daycare there. Do arc or treadmill for 30+. Change into a suit and by that time they have him in the water. I swim laps while he has his lesson. Then they give him to me, we play a little. Fun times