Saturday, January 03, 2009

The week that wasn't

I log my workouts in increments of a week, starting Sunday morning and ending Saturday night. Each weekend I look back at my weekly targets and total up my distances for the week, and all this year I've been logging those distances in the right-hand sidebar (as well as in my own Excel log).

That keeps each week's workouts fresh and immediate and helps keep my goals in focus every day.

My official weigh-in day is Fridays, however, to hopefully give me 5 strong days of attention to diet each week before I backslide over the weekend.

Anyway, this year we've ended up with a week split 4 days in one year and 3 days in another. Which wreaks havoc on my system.

So I'm going to skip a week and count Week 1 of the year as starting on Sunday January 4th.

I'll confess that part of the reason is that I haven't done any cycling or swimming this week to log anyway. However, school starts again on Monday January 5th as does my OFFICIAL IRONMAN TRAINING. Here we go again!


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO - 2009 is going to be a GREAT year for you. Best of luck with the training.

jeanne said...

you're allowed a week off! cuz if you are, then i am. happy trails!

LotStreetWiz said...

Ok, I'm a nerd, but most yeas split a week, and the way it's done in most calendar systems is that the week is allocated to the year in which most of its days fall. If you have a Sun.-Sat. week, then the week ending today belongs to last year. I use a Mon.-Sun. week, so this week belongs to '09.

Ok, I know it wasn't really the point.

Nancy Toby said...

True! But I already filled 2008 with 52 weeks. So it's full. And 3 days wasn't enough to start a week in 2009. Oh well, it's done....

amybee said...

WOW! Ironman training starts already!?!?! Yikes!

I'm looking forward to training with you vicariously!