Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cambridge Maryland

Over the Choptank
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Update: We took the girls for a short flight down to Cambridge for lunch. Gotta love technology - I sent a photo of my training buddy Dave's house to him from the air captioned "I C U" and got an email reply before we even touched down! The restaurant at the Cambridge airport there is unexpectedly great! I had a crab melt and some wonderful old-fashioned layer cake with chocolate buttercream icing for dessert.

Looking at this shot of the Choptank River it's hard to believe that I once swam double the distance from the bridge to the first peninsula directly above the center of the bridge, but I did it once for Chesapeakeman - and may do it again if they don't change the course because of the tides on race day. That peninsula is where the Eagleman half Ironman is based in June.


amybee said...

beautiful photo and cool looking new house!

Miss Rachel said...

Hey Nancy. Congratulations the new house.

I don't know if you like to do these kind of things, but I nominated you as one of my favorite fabulous bloggers- the "rules" are in my most recent post.