Friday, January 02, 2009


I've got two loooooonng 2.4-mile tidal swims coming up this year, at Chesapeakeman and Beach 2 Battleship.

The B2B tides should be quite favorable for a fast swim, and that's the one that counts.

But I just looked up the Chesapeakeman tides, and they're backwards. We will be swimming against an incoming tide toward the end of the swim. Ugh. Fortunately not a huge tide that day.

Sa 26 Low 5:59 AM 1.1 6:56 AM Rise 2:53 PM 47
26 High 10:10 AM 1.8 6:55 PM
26 Low 4:07 PM 0.7
26 High 11:23 PM 2.5

Maximum current is predicted at about 0.2 knots IN OUR FACES at around 9:15AM.

Oh well, it's all training....

There's some indication the RD may be willing to help out us poor swimmers by changing the course back to the 2-loop they did in 2008, although the point-to-point starting at the resort is a nice way to start the day as well.

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