Saturday, January 24, 2009

New house?

Here's what is probably going to be our new house in a couple of months:

It's just 100 yards from our current house! That's a Good Thing because we love the neighborhood. It's much bigger inside than it looks, and the best thing about it is that it's on a half acre with a huge back yard with a nice view of the cove. If we get it, be prepared for a long series of remodeling photos, because it needs one heck of a lot of work! We're still in negotiations, so it's nothing definite yet, but it's looking hopeful!


Shannon said...

Cool and Congratulations. New beginnings are always nice.

Julia said...

I love NEW anything. Will you have more rooms inside?

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

That's awesome. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

On the triathlon training front, I've forced myself to learn to wear nose clips (I am so NOT going to allow another sinus infection) and having a waterproof case for my iPod makes time fly in the pool (normally, I'm bored to tears swimming laps)

Faithful said...

Looks like a nice house! Good for you!
I love your country!

jeanne said...

It's so pretty! and nice that it's in the same neighborhood! but so much yard work! that would scare me to death!

Nancy Toby said...

That's what the hired help is for. :-)

Seriously, we've had a guy cutting our grass for years and he's good and cheap. We don't even own a lawnmower. I plant some perennials and trim them but that's about the extent of my gardening. I have some ideas for some new trees (gotta have some cherry trees in the spring!) but won't do much other gardening this year other than maybe put in some bulbs in fall.