Monday, January 26, 2009

Help me decide!

Dear readers,

I've been trying to decide whether to include posts about remodeling the new house in this blog or to start a separate remodeling blog. Please help me decide by marking your vote in the blue poll box in the right sidebar! Be forewarned that the remodeling posts may include endless photos of exciting topics like flooring adhesive or sheetrocking crawlspaces.

Register your vote now! I'll keep the polling box up there for about two weeks.


Kona Shelley said...

I love remodeling projects, can't wait to see what you decide to do!

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

just include them here; it's part of your life.

Too many blogs to administer otherwise.

No matter I'll just add another feed to my bloglines if you go with a seperate blog.

jeanne said...

please, no more new blogs, or i'll have to throw the towel in completely!
Good luck on your remodel. I hope to start my teensy one soon. as soon as i save my first $500! (I'm doing it piecemeal, obvi.)