Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reference Snow White

I'm just saving this image for reference here, since it's what I'm prepared to look like in 8 weeks. Only different. Maybe we can do a compare-and-contrast post when the photos are available. Or not. She's working on the uniboob sports bra look, it seems. . . . I'm glad my costume doesn't have the stand-up Elizabethan collar, because that might drive me insane. Er, more insane. My costume color and trim is a little different too, but they probably had to do it for copyright reasons. I'm sure a more authentic (c)Disney Snow White costume would have cost more than I wanted to pay for one wearing in a race, and I'd have to cut off the long skirt for running anyway.
I actually wanted to go as Pocahontas, since she's the most athletic Disney princess by far, but I couldn't find any costumes that looked like her, only Sexy Indian Maidens. No thanks.

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amybee said...

I think Snow White rocks.

The reason I'm such a fan is because of her relationship with all those cute animals (no, I'm not talking about the dwarfs...)

I feed all the little critters in our yard (squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc....) so I jokingly tell my husband that I'm related to Snow White.

Anyway, I had not idea she was a marathoner! Cool!