Friday, December 05, 2008

Pedometer watch review - in progress

I've been contacted by a few companies about reviewing their products on this blog, but I've never done it before for schwag until I was offered a pedometer watch. Wow, sure! I'll give it a try, I said - hmm, maybe it would work in the pool to measure distance and I could even use it on open-water swims to measure distance since I can't do that with my non-waterproof Garmin.

So I while back I received a tech40 fitness watch and tried it out in the pool a few times. Well, unfortunately, I did have a few problems with it swimming (which isn't surprising since it's not really designed for that). The numbers are too small for me to read with my swim goggles on, and it has some fairly complicated sub-menus so I wasn't able to calibrate it without numerous references to the instruction manual.

But I'm still working on it. I'll still attempt to re-calibrate it for swimming and if that doesn't work well, I'll try it out for a regular pedometer.

I do appreciate the tech40 company's interest in real-world testing and independent review of their products! That's always a good sign! So I'll post more about it later some time.


Paulie said...

If you can get it to work for swimming, that would be pretty cool. I just use a lap counter for pool swims, but for open water swims I like to use a GPS data logger ( It's just a tiny little thing that is water proof (I also put it in a ziplock bag, just in case) and you can stick it in your swim cap. It won't tell you how far you have gone in real time, but you can go back and download the results on the computer and it will report speed and distance, etc.

amybee said...

that's pretty cool to be asked to review stuff!