Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get well soon, Comm (and me too)

Many of my readers know Commodore, who is still in the hospital after being pulled off the course at Ironman Arizona on Sunday. Of course, our best wishes go with him and his whole family!

I might possibly have had a momentary reaction of "HOW COULD YOU, COMM!??" when I heard about how hard he pushed himself, again, and refused medical treatment. And tried to keep going long after his body had given out. How could anyone do that??

I might also have figured it out today for myself.

After some reflection today I can kind of relate to ignoring the physical stuff.

I just got back from the doc-in-the-box, who thinks I have pneumonia, after examining a couple of chest x-rays. Not to mention sinusitis and an ear infection. And who gave me three different prescriptions (and offered more, like codeine, which I turned down).

Hmm, let's see, since I started coughing over 3 weeks ago, what turned this into pneumonia? Was it the half marathon? Or the 40 km bike race? Or maybe the 5K? Or was it the freezing 10-miler in the rain?

So much for listening to my body. All my body tells me is to stop and sit on the couch and drink beer, so I guess I've effectively learned to ignore it.

And yeah, everyone told me to go to the doctor. You told me so. For a variety of good and not-so-good reasons, I didn't, until today.

Guess I probably shouldn't run the half marathon I had planned next Saturday, eh?? (I didn't even bother asking the doctor about it - if you ask, then that gives them a chance to say no, right?).


Fe-lady said...

Get better...
the older I get the better I am about not training/racing when ill.
But I certainly have done what you-and Comm have done (not to the point of hospitalization) but have dug deeper holes of illness because I refused to listen.
(Now I sit on the couch more often and drink more beer!)

rachel said...

I'm with you Nancy.
How do you know if when you really really don't want to practice if it's because you really really need the rest or you just really really don't want to buckle down and do what it takes to focus that day?
*I* don't know which is which so I usually go to practice. If my blood sugar drops dangerously I figure that maybe that was a day I was really really supposed to rest. Not much help after the fact though.
: p

21stCenturyMom said...

Triathlete rule #214 - if it's above the neck you are good to go. Below the neck means race is off.

You broke the rule 3 times so no - you don't get to break it again. But like you my inclination is to take whatever excuse is handy and leverage the hell out of it so mostly I don't let myself.

And then there are those insane registration fees which are making me sign up for far fewer races this year.

So anyhow - I hope you get better soon so you can go back to ignoring cheap excuses instead of ignoring medical issues :-)

Ellie Hamilton said...

Did I or did I not tell you that coughing blood is a sign of pneumonia? Did you friends or did they not at that time tell you to do go the doctor?

Nancy Toby said...

Yes, Ma'am, you did.


Shawn said...

Your body and mine think alike. Pass me a Corona.

Or maybe I should wait until AFTER my marathon in a week and a half...

Ultra, Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Wellllll, could you power walk the marathon? I know it's not as satisfying, but if you bundled up, the brisk walk might actually be good for you if you rest all week. Ask the doc.

Nancy Toby said...

Bad. Influence.

Actually, I'm kind of thinking about taking a WHOLE WEEK off any exercise. Imagine! I haven't done that in... forever! Just as an experiment. And to see if I ever start again once I stop, you know?

Lynne said...

Wow - you must have a high tolerance for pain... But then, moms are not allowed to get sick - ever. Take your medicine, rest and get better. I'd postpone that half marathon...

Holly said...

I hope the Rx helps you feel better SOON! Hey, and hear is a good tip: throw out your toothbrush and replace it with a new one, now that you know you have been sick for a little while.

Gold Medals while fighting Pneumonia - that is HARDCORE!

jeanne said...

awww nancy this sucks! I knew you were sicker than you let on at OUR half mary. it's tough to listen to your body.

i like your plan: one week, no exercise. In support of Comm, if nothing else!

Comm's said...

okay here is the advice I have gotten from the last week.

We love you.
Don't workout till your better.
Don't be stupid.

sound familiar. Now go break every last one of them too.