Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great day in Oxford!

I did not run the Oxford Day 10K this year, though I do most years, since I'm still bouncing back from pneumonia. I did, however, ride my bike there (~20 miles) and had great fun cheering on my friends running! I helped out a little by reading off the splits to runners at the two mile mark. Plus I ate more than my share of pancakes after the race.

Jim Crowley, pre-race (who ended up finishing 7th overall, I think):

Bill Webb pre-race, who is planning on tackling the 4.4-mile Chesapeake Bay Swim in a couple of months (that one scares me!):

The start - with Janice, Mike, and Stuart lined up front and center:

Dave finishing:

Janice sprinting to the finish, first place in her age group!

Dave enjoying some post-race relaxation - the sun finally came out!

Hardware for both Janice and Mike! (And Stuart too, but I didn't get that photo).

And we four all took a ride on my favorite little ferry across the Tred Avon River:

I also saw the girls' teacher doing the 5K walk, plus one of the girls from Catherine's swim class (whose mom is doing the Columbia Triathlon with us). Later my husband drove over from home with the girls and we watched the small parade through town. A very fun day!


Iron Pol said...

Our tri club is working on a "Take the Lake" swim, which will most likely be about 6.5 miles. The goal, complete the swim at a state park beach, and walk out of the water going, "Even Olympians only do 10K!"

I'm trying to convince them to have a second entry point that would be about 3.2 miles. Even that has me questioning my ability to finish. But the lake is nowhere near as scary as crossing the Chesapeake. Big ships, and all.

Nancy Toby said...

Whew!! I know one guy that did a 15km swim, but it was in ~1000m laps in a lake and he came back to a food table (out in the water) each lap.

I don't have much desire to do any event swims over 1500m ever again. That's about my limit mentally. I just do a little longer in half IMs because they make me. :-)

Rainmaker said...

Looks like a great morning! The weather was indeed incredible today.

I love the Ferry, reminds me of the ferries back in Puget Sound up in the San Juans'.

TriGirl Thea said...


Is it just me who thinks that its slightly funny that they are all lined up on the starting line grasping their sports watches!

Cos see it doesnt count if you dont have the data! :D

Noah Wood - A Maryland Runner said...

Wow, that's cool that you came out to support. Looks like a competitive crowd and it looks like you got a quite a few nice photos of people like Stu and David; that's nice. Btw, did you happen to see who won the Oxford Day 10K this year? I'm sure it was a fast time; that course is pretty darn flat! I hope you continue to recover from your pneumonia and that you have a good night!