Friday, April 04, 2008

Declaring my... the usual.

Declaring my intentions before race day, like usual. Yes, I retain my usual distrust of people who announce that they had secret goals after the race has already been run. (Uhhh..... why?)

Got a jam-packed weekend coming up. Weather is going to be a big decider here - it's forecast to be rainy tomorrow but mid-60s (fortunately with light winds), plunging to the mid-40s and possible rain for Sunday.

Tomorrow I have two events:

Eastern Shore Senior Games 40 km bike race, 9AM:
Dream goal #1: Finish under 1:22 (18 mph average).
Goal #2: Bring home a medal.
Goal #3: Finish my first bike race with no exciting crashes or spills or dramatic fishtailing on the bike. Boring is good. Lanterne Rouge finishes are still honorable.

Eastern Shore Senior Games 5km race, 1:30 PM:
Goal #1: Finish under 28:02 (PR).
Goal #2: Finish under 30:00 (2nd fastest 5K).
Goal #3: Bring home a medal
Goal #4: Start with a positive attitude and finish without limping

The next day (Sunday) I have a tough, hilly 10-mile race. I'll try not to think about it until late Saturday night, when I'll assess damages and try to forget the effort on Saturday. Mostly I just want to finish it to get my Annapolis Striders Championship Series participation points, so I'm not too concerned about time.


Rainmaker said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Comm's said...

18mph on the bike!!!

Criminey Nancy, that is a really good speed. Much success to your recent training to put you there.

Fe-lady said...

Best of luck! Can't wait to read about how you did...