Friday, April 11, 2008

The event isn't over until. . . .

. . . until the results are posted online!!!!

Take heed, race directors!

Some results are posted from last weekend, but I'm still on pins and needles about my standings in the AS Championship series. I think I moved up 3 slots. I was 8th in my age group in both races, but 3 of the women ahead of me each time were different (which I think should move me into the 5th slot). I may not be fast, but I can be persistent. Yeah, I got through college by consistent attendance and taking good notes - maybe it will work here too, because I'm not going to move up as a result of my brilliant bursts of speed!

Nothing's changed at all since before the games last weekend on the Eastern Shore Senior Games website, as far as I can tell. I guess they all suffered cardiac arrest.

Good luck to my friends at Ironman Arizona this weekend! My major athletic activity this weekend will be shampooing the carpets. Woot.

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