Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hanging in there

I'm still sick with a chest cold, and trying to avoid having it turn into pneumonia again by doing NO exercise at all. This is my test to see if a "slack strategy" works. I'm having other bad side-effects of no exercise, though, like suddenly starting to grind my teeth in my sleep which results in sore jaws and headaches. No fun! This may be my first week this year to score big goose-eggs all across the board in the exercise table in my sidebar.

My daughter Elisabeth is also on Day 5 of a fever so she's going in to the pediatrician today. We have to all get well in time to go up to visit Grandpa this weekend. The big excitement will be going to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway with Catherine. (Elisabeth will be staying in the motel instead, since she showed when we went to see Wall-E that she doesn't have the attention span for a theater performance yet). Catherine, of course, is SUPER-excited.

We're still watching the Olympics, of course. My Gold Medalist Mom pick is Debbie Phelps, who seems to be an all-around amazing person who has probably seen it all as a middle school principal. A DNS in this category is Nastia Liukin's mom, who seems to be a basket case - so volatile that she can't even stand to watch her own daughter win the gold medal in the all-around in Olympic gymnastics. Take a chill pill, mom.


Shawn said...

Feel better, Nancy and Elisabeth! And how exciting for Catherine to see The Little Mermaid :)

Fe-lady said...

What I don't get about Michael's mom, being an educator and all, are her letting the phrases of "Michael's teachers told him he would never be able to focus on anything, or accomplish much"-
Which I really doubt, as I have NEVER heard a teacher tell a kid they aren't ever going to be good at something. And for her to not come back with a statement about all the teachers who DID and HAD helped him..well, I just hope I missed an interview somewhere.
If she never came to bat for his teachers, then I don't think much of her as a principal, and I surely would not want to work in her school.

Nancy Toby said...

Good points!! Some other people described her as sounding a bit vindictive, as did he... I think they got off on a very bad track in the Costas interview when they went into the "now I've proven myself to all those bullies in my past who now want to say they know me" bit. It just injected a negative tone that didn't have to be there at the time of such a remarkable accomplishment.

amybee said...

Feel better Nancy and Elisabeth!

I think the Phelps Phamily is pretty cool too