Saturday, August 09, 2008

Always 4th place

This seems to be my week to be 4th out of 4. Did it twice today in two different cycling time trials, plus last week the same at Steelhead duathlon. Oh well. Today that means I don't qualify for the Senior Nationals in time trialing, unless I can manage to pull it off in another state games (Delaware?).

I found out that they never posted official times from the last time trial because their chip system wasn't working properly - whoops!

5k time trial: Got a slow start clipping in and made a poor turnaround.

Watch time: 9:41(?)
Garmin time: 10:12(?)
Average heart rate: 170 bpm
Average bike computer speed: 18.5 mph
Maximum bike computer speed: 23.3 mph

Official 5k time: 9:41
Calculated speed: 19.26 mph

Rode another mile or two between time trials to keep the legs warm. They were 45 minutes apart.

10K time trial: Better start (clipping in) and better turnaround, but I could feel some fatigue slowing down my legs from the start.

Watch time: 19:52(?)
Garmin time: 20:27(?)
Average heart rate: 166 bpm
Average bike computer speed: 18.2 mph
Maximum bike computer speed: 21.5 mph

Official 10k time: 19:43
Calculated speed: 18.91 mph

I had hoped to go faster, but that's as fast as I could go today. That's as much "oomph" as my legs had in them. No excuses, it just shows that I have a lot of work yet to do! That gives me a benchmark for my first 5K and 10K cycling time trials and helps chart the path for improving on them the next time around.

Still, it was fun and I met some very nice local Maryland cyclists - a very congenial group of Senior Olympians!


MamaMaven said...

Sorry you didn't make nationals but it sounds like a great experience. I bet the others didn't do a half -IM last week!

amybee said...

Sorry about nationals, but your overall times look pretty fantastic to me!

Fe-lady said...

You would have done well here...THIRD probably as the latest time trail-ers were right around your mph time for your age group.
There was a mtn. time trial today.
I needed different gearing so didn't go!

Yeah-don't be so hard on yourself! You just completed a half IM! I wish I could be as fast on my bike!