Friday, August 08, 2008

Steelhead corrected times

I'm home! Getting ready for some time trials tomorrow, but right now I'm running some numbers. What would my time have been at Steelhead if they had held the swim? Well, WHO KNOWS? But these are my best guesses. The bike leg was about 2 miles short, and somehow I lost my Garmin data for the ride, but my finishing average was 17.1 mph which gives me 3:16:29 for 56 miles which is a PR by about 7 minutes. Woo hoo! That's a good ride for me!

So let's add it up:

Swim (est., last time at Steelhead): 50:05
T1: 4:18
Bike (est. for 56 miles instead of 54): 3:16:29 (PR!)
T2: 3:50
Run: 3:11:51

Total: 7:26:33

I'll count that as my 2008 Steelhead half Ironman time in my personal records, although the official records will show otherwise.

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