Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back at it

Here's the enormous skipjack that is newly inlaid on the front entranceway of our remodeled elementary school. It's about 8 feet across. I think it's pretty cool! The skipjack is the state boat of Maryland and indigenous to local waters.

In workout news, I'm getting back to it slowly after 10 complete days off for this bout of bronchitis. At least it didn't turn into pneumonia like it did last spring (and did this time for my daughter Elisabeth) and cost me even more training time! On the two days that the girls had school this week I got in a couple of runs, and this morning I had a nice easy 30-mile bike ride. Haven't done much swimming to speak of either, since I've had a very cranky shoulder that I was hoping would recover with rest.

Much more to come next week! Taking it slow for now and I'll crank up the speed a bit next week, if I'm able.

PS: I hope all my peeps who are in the path of Hurricane Gustav are taking sensible precautions and evacuating! I'll be watching the news carefully - I hope it doesn't turn out nearly as bad as it looks right now!

1 comment:

amybee said...

Glad you are feeling better and I love that skipjack mosaic!

(I'm impressed that you did a 30 mile bike as your comeback. I'm going out for 10 miles (my "i'm a slug" comeback....) I really am a slug...)