Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm in: B2B iron-distance triathlon for CAF

I'm planning to register for Beach to Battleship iron-distance triathlon when registration opens on December 1st. The race is planned for Saturday, November 7, 2009 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Through this effort I will be raising funds for the Challenged Athletes Foundation which supports people with physical disabilities in sport, always a huge inspiration to me.

My CAF donation page is at: http://raceforareason.kintera.org/nancytoby

I know many of you have pledged to donate AFTER I cross the finish line, and that's fantastic! I've recorded your names, so I plan to be back bugging you in mid-November 2009!

Famous CAF triathlete and amputee Sarah Reinertsen didn't finish her first iron-distance triathlon, and the distance also defeated me on my first attempt at Ironman Florida in 2006 when even with two intact legs I only made it 127.5 miles. I hadn't planned to attempt the distance again, but Pusher Extraordinaire Brian Gatens made me an offer I couldn't refuse: If I finished, he would make a substantial donation to the charity of my choice. How could I turn that down!?

This second time around - just like Sarah - I'm going the full 140.6-mile distance, along with several of my best triathlete friends. We're keeping a blog on the details of the race and our preparations at http://beach2b.blogspot.com/

Thanks in advance for your support both of me and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.


LBTEPA said...

Oooooh! Nancy!!! How exciting! Good on you

ShirleyPerly said...

Someone just mentioned this race to me recently as a less costly alternative to IMFL (flat course too from what she said). May possibly see you there. Good luck in your training!!

Fe-lady said...

CAF is a great organization! I will be helping you out for sure!
And best of luck with your training for IM distance!
It will be fun to follow your training!

Robyn said...

Best wishes!

I'll be racing the 2008 B2B half-iron on 11/1!