Sunday, October 19, 2008

Washington DC weekend

We had a quiet weekend working on cleaning out our townhouse near DC, with a break to take the girls on their first Metro ride down to see the Smithsonian. The Metro ride may have been the second-best part:

The merry-go-round on the Mall took top honors as the favorite attraction of the day, rating far higher than either the big elephant in the rotunda of the Natural History Museum or the Spirit of St. Louis:

Elisabeth lasted about a nanosecond into the ride before she freaked out, but fortunately there was a bench nearby that we enjoyed for the remainder of the ride.

But after much walking, two tired girls decided to stage their first sit-down protest on the National Mall. I hope it's their last major political statement for a while.


rachel said...

the merry-go-round is still there!?!
I first visited DC when I was about 8 years old. I fell in love with the merry-go-round and pined after a ride the entire week I was there.
I finally got to ride it, and it was rather expensive for the budget from what I remember, and I've never forgotten it.
I also loved the elephant and the giant whale in the museum. I was more impressed with the space ship walk through than the Spirit of St. Louis though I still remember it, it was just too far away from me, hanging up there, for me to identify with or get excited about.

jeanne said...

ha ha very good protest! I remember dragging my kid for MILES along the mall when she was that age. I thought she'd never speak to me again!

I wish i could afford your townhouse, cuz i'd buy it sight unseen (except I just now decided I need to move to nyc...i'm so fickle.)