Sunday, March 27, 2005

Where the hell is spring?

Was it just 3 weeks ago I was saying spring is right around the corner? Well, that was stupid as sh!t. I jinxed us.

I'm sick of cold. I'm sick of gray. I'm sick of the weather this year. This month we've averaged about 10 degrees below normal. Usually we have several nice stretches of 60*F-plus weather by now, but this year maybe one or two days is all. There are only a few lonely crocuses and limp daffodils out there trying to get the show started.


Today's workout: Steve and I took the two girls in the double jogstroller to the park in the gray cold mist. They got to get pushed on the swings twice, and Catherine got to go down the Big Tube Slide twice for the first time while Elisabeth happily crawled around in the mud. We had our usual leaving-the-park-tantrum (yawn, same old, same old) and continued on for a three mile walk. I think I still need to get on the bike trainer for a while this evening, if I'm ever going to get that Iron Crotch I need to be a real cycling roadie one day. After I put on the new set of clipless pedals that I just got on eBay onto Old Blue, that is (never mind the damn forward seatpost, I took that off and put the old straight one back on).

The Girls. I think Catherine may have some python DNA in her somewhere. It seems that when she finds something very appealing, like peanut butter swirl ice cream, she can unhinge her jaw and take in a bite approximately as big as her two fists without much difficulty. Elisabeth, poor girl, is just recovering from her first pimple. I don't want to tell her what's in store in another ten years.


trimom said...

I just want to let you know that I am sitting here with tears in my eyes having a good laugh....I can identify with everything you've written, including the callouses. Twin 1 yr olds, where do you get the energy?

nancytoby said...

Energy? I haven't any! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! :)