Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm doing this for my health?

So yesterday I see something on the news about anthrax detected at the Pentagon. Hmm, I say to myself, that's about 3 miles away from here. Let's keep an eye on this news.

This morning I get up at 5AM (ungodly hour for me) and get my coffee and wake up while my husband feeds the screaming babies and I bring in the newspaper. I notice something about also detecting anthrax at some "defense facility" at Bailey's Crossroads. Hmm. Bailey's Crossroads is about 3 miles in the other direction, but I don't know about any "defense facility" near there. Shrug, and go on about my business.

Drive over to my health club, park in the underground garage, get changed, warm up, and by 6:30AM I'm on the treadmill and I put in 3.5 miles. The treadmills, ellipticals, and Lifecycles (a dozen of each) are PACKED at 6:30 AM! Jeez, these people are nuts! This is way too early to get up and work out! Then I notice that I'm the only one in the place that's obviously breathing hard and sweating. I have on a gray shirt that gets soaked, starting at my neck and eventually I have a big sweat ring down to my chest. Funny, nobody else seems to be working very hard. That seems just plain wrong.

Then I get in the pool and do 1000 m. Or is it yards? I'm not sure how long this pool is. I have an end lane to myself so I walk a length and count the 6 inch tiles on the side of the pool. 165 of them, that makes 82.5 feet per length. Must be 25 meters long, I conclude.

I soak in the hot tub for another ten minutes, then shower and head home to be back by 9AM so my husband can go in to work. I feed the babies again and settle down for another cup of coffee.

I read the anthrax article on the front page of the Washington Post. It seems this "defense facility" in which anthrax was detected is a nondescript office building that is actually directly adjacent to my health club. And shares the underground parking garage that I parked in. That is used by the postal and delivery trucks that service the building and come in and deliver stuff like ... anthrax.

Sigh. I need a nap now.

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vj said...

Nancy! Yikes! Be careful....