Monday, March 07, 2005


Today I have the usual Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness from the 13.1 miles yesterday - moving slowly and creakily. It's not as bad as I got from the hillier Belle Haven 25K on the Mt. Vernon Trail 2 weekends ago (maybe because I walked every steep hill yesterday), but it does point out my many weak areas. My BACK muscles are sore, which tells me I need more core strengthening work. Hell, I need everything strengthening work, truth be told.

COOL NEWS! My runner friend *jeanne* got 3rd in her age group in the B&A Trail Marathon yesterday, and also ran a PR! She entered on a lark, just because the fee was the same as the half marathon. I'm so delighted for her! I'm confident she could run a Boston Marathon qualifier if she got serious about training for it.

OUCH! It sucks to be clumsy. I was just was carrying a chair through a doorway (took it out into the upstairs hall to stand on to hang up my medal from yesterday) and hit the edge of the doorway and dented the frame, and the top of the chair hit me in the mouth, and I bounced back against the furnace room door and bent the cheap metal door, and now it won't open right, and I have a big gum wound. I could easily have knocked a tooth out, so I suppose it wasn't so bad ... but it was certainly DUMB!!

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*jeanne* said...

But your teeth are OK...and your FINISHER MEDAL is OK!!! :-)