Wednesday, March 30, 2005

First day for shorts!

Yay, finally a day over 60 degrees! I wore shorts for my walk for the first time this year.

Today's workout: A leisurely 2.8-mile walk with the double jogstroller loaded up with 35+ pounds of my girls (they're very little for 22-month-olds). Add in a couple reps of picking up Catherine off the ground where she threw herself, screaming in full-blown tantrum mode, as if she were in mortal agony, because it was time to leave the park.

Another commitment: Tomorrow I will go to the gym and run at least 2 miles on the treadmill and swim at least 1000m in the pool. More is great, but that's my minimum!

My girls. Catherine discovered Elisabeth's little outie belly button in the bath, and immediately began poking it repeatedly with her finger. Elisabeth didn't seem to mind - being poked by Catherine is part of her everyday life. Of course, Elisabeth generally gets even by snatching whatever Catherine has been playing with most recently.

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