Friday, March 25, 2005

Today's mini-tri

Today's workout. It was raining off and on, and since I loathe training in the rain, to the gym I went. First I did two miles on the treadmill at a fairly relaxed pace (relaxed meaning I spent over a half hour doing 2 measly miles). Then a few sets of crunches on the slant board while some idiot pressing dumbbells grunted as loud as he could (Translation: "Hey, look at me, everyone!") while cheating them up. Gack. Then I hopped on the exercycle for ten relaxing minutes of the hill program, which went pretty well, considering I had it on the "wimpy" setting.

Then the pool. 1000 meters at an equally relaxed pace, which took me 35 minutes, but that included finding some man's lost wedding ring on the bottom of the pool and bringing it to the attendant. Somebody is in Deep Deep Sh!t tonight.

Then I relaxed (after all that relaxing) for ten minutes in the hot tub, and headed for the locker room for what I thought would be an equally relaxing shower. BUT NO. Some dumb chick had spread all her stuff over most every available horizontal surface in the little pool locker room (they have a bigger locker room downstairs, this tiny one is just for the pool). She was in the shower, and outside the shower on the long bench were arrayed her towel, body scrubber, makeup kit, set of shampoos, bathrobe, flipflops, and who knows what other crap. On the single long bench in front of the lockers was her winter coat, her pants, her shirt, her gym bag, and some more towels. On the floor in front of the entire set of lockers was strewn her two shoes and two socks. I gave her the evil eye, stepped over her nasty socks and smelly shoes, and disdainfully gathered up everything from my locker and took it over on the far side of the room to the other showers.

Then when I am just finishing up my shower, in troops about ten four-year-olds getting ready to have a pool party. Who wants to stand there all naked in front of twenty huge eyes staring from three feet off the floor at all your bulges and everything? I hid out in the shower a while longer until the coast was clear.

Then home to collapse after all that "relaxing"! And YUM, a big order of takeout Chinese food with a nice Sonoma Zinfandel! I was so hungry I ate all the fortune cookies on the way home in the car.

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Karen in Calgary said...

Hey, if one has to be stuck somewhere, a warm shower is the place to be! Warm, comfy showers are, I think, my main reason for never applying for Survivor (and they don't take Canadians :P)

Happy Mini-Tri Day to you!