Monday, March 07, 2005

Spring is right around the corner!

Today I was able to take my two daughters for a double jogstroller walk for the first time this year without jackets! It was wonderful to be outside in the sunshine and 68*F, even though I was still gimpy from my run yesterday.

Teaching them sign language before they are able to speak has been one of the best things I've done with them. Today Catherine made two signs that gave me a little insight into what she understands.

She saw a squirrel running on a branch outside the window and made the sign for "bird". I don't know if she thought it was actually a bird. She doesn't know the sign for squirrel, but it shows she knows that birds move around outside up in the branches of trees!

Then on our jogstroller walk when we turned on the path toward the park, about a half mile away, she made the sign for "swing". It told me she knew exactly where she was and what she wanted to do when we got to our destination!

Catherine enjoyed toddling around, chasing a brave squirrel through the park, but didn't understand that it was never going to let her catch it. Elisabeth really enjoyed the swings today, and squealed with delight when I pushed her hard, and had a great time crawling around in the dirt. That was wonderful to see, since she used to freeze up and scream on the swing, and recoiled from touching the ground.

I just put a couple little movie clips of the girls up on my website. Take a look and let me know if they work for you (they work on some computers and not others, and I'm not sure why). I'm certainly prejudiced, but I think they're both pretty darned cute.

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