Friday, March 27, 2009

What's the draw?

A friend asked me online the other day: "I'll bite.... what is the draw in moving to a house 2 doors down?"

My answer:

We're getting:
- 3 more rooms (currently an office, a sunroom, and a family room)
- attic and storage space
- fireplace
- extra half bath
- garage
- stick built (versus our current modular) and expandable
- concrete driveway (versus our current gravel)
- additional 0.3 acres
- an enormous back yard, which we don't have now on a corner lot
- great trees and water view
- (Giving up our deck and our remodeling/moving time)

All for not much more than an addition would cost on our current house. Plus we get to stay within two blocks of the schools and a stone's throw from the harbor and town in a neighborhood we love!

I think that's a pretty good deal!

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