Sunday, March 01, 2009

Final touches

Doing the final touches for my Snow White costume for the Disney Princess half marathon. I sewed the bow that came with the Snow White costume on my red stretch headband (instead of leaving it on the stringy ribbon it came with). If it gives me a headache it's probably coming off during the race.

Hmm, maybe I should see about getting another haircut before race day. It's looking pretty shaggy right now! And no, I'm not going to attempt to temporarily dye it black just for the race! I don't want fake black dye streaming down my neck!

Here's how the pros do it. I'll bet my version will be a lot more comfortable to run in than that stiffly glued wig version! And I think I'll have to skip the heavy eye makeup for the race, though I might be able to pull off some lip color.

Update: OMFG. I just discovered that there's a Flickr group devoted exclusively to Disney's Snow White. With 904 photos and 112 members (now, including me). I never would have guessed. Go and indulge in some seriously hardcore Show White.

And I just picked her because she wore short sleeves.

Update 2: I set up a Flickr group for sharing photos from the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend at - if you will attend, please join and share your photos with us!


Wendy said...

The stretchy red headband is a stroke of brilliance!

Shannon said...

My bet is you rip it off by mile 6. Have Fun.

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Nance, I ran the Las Vegas marathon in a wig in 2007, and I was pretty comfortable. If it's below 60 you'd be fine. I used one that has a very meshy base and had it styled by a wig stylist.