Friday, March 27, 2009

Busy day of no workouts

Busy day but no exercise! (Unless I count walking to the school and back four times, which I never count).

Met with a banker in Annapolis and signed some papers and talked to the remodeler and signed a contract and emailed back and forth with the realtor and things are gradually falling into line. We've got the colossal kitchen gut and rebuild all lined up to go after we close on the house in another week. Yes, this ca. 1981 kitchen has GOT to go!! Lots of photos of the stunning transformation to come!

Then we stopped for a lovely lunch at Kent Island looking out at a loon swimming around in the water, and drove home.

Then tonight was the big bingo fundraiser and silent auction at the school. Elisabeth was too tired but I took Catherine over and we played a few rounds of bingo.

Our neighbor Donald Rumsfeld had donated a Secretary of Defense cap which I bid on. I also bid on a life-size ceramic bunny, a cookie jar made by one of my daughter's classes, a painted rack made by my other daughter's class, a certificate for dinner at one of our local favorite restaurants, and a tub full of wine and glasses, etc.

Didn't get a single one of my bids!! Oh well, I'll be there next year!

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