Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 National Half Marathon

Short report: 2:35:48, about 6 minutes slower than I had hoped.
11:54 mile/min pace
Age group: 64/71 (90.1%)
Overall: 2177/2281 (95.4%)
(Note: Yes, it's a pretty fast bunch compared to most races, but the qualifying standard for entry in the half marathon is a prior sub-2:30 performance or equivalent).

Longer report: perfect "no excuses" running weather, cool and clear and windless. The course was a bit hilly for this flatlander. I started the coughing at Mile 6 and couldn't stop. Sheesh, I was on a solid pace for about a 2:27 finish before that! They also ran out of cups after mile 4 (for 2:15 finishing pace onwards) so I probably didn't hydrate well swilling from jugs. That's really lame for a race with no race-day registration! I tried not to think about the AIDS runners drinking from the same jug as I did, and hoped I didn't give away my germs, but did it anyway. The last couple miles were way tougher than I wanted.

5 minutes faster than last year on the same course with bronchitis. 5 minutes faster than Disney 2 weeks ago. Better a little faster than slower I suppose.

Crossed another finish line for my 38th half marathon and a medal.

On to the next half in 3 weeks! Hopefully fully healthy!


Spokane Al said...

Congratulations on a terrific race. And congratulations on passing the bik 200k in page views. People are definitely interested what the intelligent and opinionated Ms. Toby has to say.

ShirleyPerly said...

How terrible they ran out of cups so early. But good job finishing that hilly race well and esp. still not being 100% healthy. 38 half marathons is a LOT!

Rainmaker said...

38 half marathons?!? That's like 14 full marathons! ;)

Congrats on the race!

jbmmommy said...

As someone training for my first half marathon, I always enjoy reading about your races. I think you did great, that was a fast race.