Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Property survey

If you're super-interested in this new house of ours (OF COURSE you are!) we just got a survey done yesterday to mark the corners of the property.

Photos are HERE (on Flickr).

Then I drew the little outline map above on the satellite image. The far back corner of the property is in the neighbor's front yard. Weird.

We had to have the house elevation documented. Because it's all a flood area around here, they wanted to charge us $2000 per year in flood insurance. Uhhhh.... Good thing we know a lot about a house two doors down that only is charged about 1/4 as much for annual flood insurance! It's something about being built at different times and some new regulation taking effect, but anyway, the survey documented that the foundation is something like 9 feet above the water line and there should be no particular risk of flooding (unless the whole peninsula is submerged when the polar ice caps melt). So the survey more than paid for itself in the savings for the first year.

Meeting with the remodeling guy today to get the numbers. Fingers crossed!


Shannon said...

Fun Fun!

Fe-lady said...

Acres and acres! (It would feel like that for me...time to get a riding lawn mower if you don't have one already!) Lots of kid play space! yeah!

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Alas, not me. I already have one house too many. Good luck to both of us!