Thursday, February 05, 2009

Slow days

It's hard to get anything done on snow days - like when the girls were out of school yesterday due to a teensy flurry at 8AM. Today they're both home sick, too.

BUT I did get in 3 consecutive days of 1 hour each on the bike trainer. (I have the old baby gates set up around the rear wheel so they don't stick their fingers in the spokes when I'm not looking.) Every little bit helps! I also ripped through the first three seasons of the Heroes TV series on the bike trainer in recent weeks and now I'm definitely hooked. Where is that next episode, darn it!?!?

We're still in the midst of negotiations for the new house. We got our inspections done, which turned up a long list of long-neglected maintenance items, including some plumbing leaks that have resulted in mold underneath the house that requires professional removal. But nothing insurmountable, as long as the seller sees reason and gives us a little monetary concession in order to take care of them.

At the same time the news is out about the $15,000 house buyers tax credit that has gone through the Senate. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it sails through the House too and we're able to use it this year. That would certainly help!

In the meantime I'm daydreaming about what to do with our new backyard, if we get it. That $15k would go a long way toward fencing it - on the other hand, it would also buy an Endless Pool for swim training. Decisions, decisions!


Shannon said...

An "Endless Pool" husband has been talking about this, unfortunately we don't have enough room.

amybee said...

An Endless pool would rock. What would you do about it for the winter though? How could you cover it?

Just curious because we are in MN...and couldn't figure out how to get around that other than building something to cover it. (ca-ching).

Fe-lady said...

That's a LOT of yard! (Swingset, sandbox, fence, AND a pool!)
Good luck with the house! Hope you get it!