Saturday, February 14, 2009

More miles

Planned a long run today, but I ran out of time so I just went to the track for 3 quick 1-mile repeats:
  • 10:28
  • 10:36
  • 10:53
That's actually a bit faster than I expected, since I've been feeling slow and sluggish lately. Lots going on with the new house acquisition and other stuff in our lives, but the increasingly warm weather always helps my motivation and interest in getting outside and working out.


Noah Wood - A Maryland Runner said...

Happy Valentine's Day Nancy!!! Nice mile repeats considering you were feeling a bit sluggish. I wish you well on the new house and everything else. Where exactly is it you all are planning to move? I hope it goes well :)
By the way, I went to the Valentine's Day 5K in Millersville earlier today and saw your friend Janice there; she seemed to be doing well and she mentioned that you both were doing the Disney Princess race. I hope that goes well and that you all have fun!

amybee said...

Nice Job Nancy!