Saturday, February 28, 2009

Planning a DNS

I'm planning to record yet another "DNS" (did not start) for tomorrow's B&A Half Marathon. Even if my training were adequate for the race (and it's not - I'm sure I could finish it but it would be my longest run in forever), my physiology right now is NOT adequate for running a half marathon.

This norovirus is still messing with my fluid balance big time, and we all know what that means. One thing I know I need for running 13.1 miles is halfway-decent fluid balance. Or at the very least the ability to run without stopping at every porta-potty and bush along the course. (Not to mention there's an inch of sleet in tonight's weather forecast, and one of my kids has another fever).

So it looks like next weekend's Family 5k and Princess Half Marathon at Disney will be my first races of the year. I predict somewhere near PW (personal worst) times.


Shannon said...

I'm thinking of a DNS race this year too. Peace of mind is more important than the cash I'm about to throw down the shi**er,

Wendy said...

It's the right call. (Stupid virus.) Take care!

jeanne said...

it happens. this one's a no brainer...just hoping you get some rest so you'll be in shape for next week. you might surprise yourself you never know.