Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starting Over

Here we go again. I have 24 weeks in this year's log and 20 weeks to Ironman, more or less.

Averages per week this year:

  • Swim: 334 yards (zero for fully 20 of those weeks, since I never got meds to swim in the indoor pools, and I would get sick without them. Fortunately outdoor pools seem okay so far.)
  • Bike: 29.8 miles (better than I had thought!)
  • Run: 10.6 miles (fairly average for me).

Hmm. Compared to this time in 2006, when I was preparing for Ironman Florida (which I DNFd halfway through the run), that's about 2975 fewer yards swimming per week, 19.4 fewer bike miles per week, and 4.8 fewer run miles per week. That's not good! But my paces are faster now and my body weight lower, so that's in my favor. And while I'm 3 years older, I've also got 3 more years of base training and triathlon experience.

Now I need to gradually bring up the swim total within a week by about, oh, roughly 10X - 20X, the bike by about 4X-6X, and the run by about 2X. Not in every week, though, the overall weekly averages in the next 24 weeks will be somewhat less since I'll focus more heavily on single disciplines each week.

Bring it on.


Wendy said...

Go Nancy!

Athena Misty, aka "GeekGirl" said...

Um, Yeah. I was looking at those numbers before I read the last part of the post and I thought, um, wow - is that the stealth training plan? But then I read the last part. You can do this!!

Can I put in another suggeston? A couple short runs a week on trails with hills. It's worked wonders for me. Develops all sorts of tiny little supporting muscles all over your legs and body without beating up your joins, because you're running on a more giving surface. Just a thought. GO NANCY GO!

amybee said...

Rock On Nancy! You can do this!

(Speaking as another individual who is woefully behind on her training plan...)

Steven said...

3 more years of endurance base miles is HUGE.

You'll see.

But...I do agree it is time to start ramping it up. Go get it!

Nancy Toby said...

I find now it's much much much easier than 3 years ago to go out and have a big swim day or a big bike day without much ramping up. I'm more cautious about cranking up the run distances in the hopes of keeping injuries at bay.

We'll see what happens. Let 'er rip!!