Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home again!

Home again from vacation! Yay! I'll post some photos when I find my camera (buried somewhere in unpacked luggage, I hope).

Major events of this week:

* My birthday! My math says it's my 52nd, but that can't possibly be right.

* Summer day camp starts! Hurrah!

* MORE work on both houses proceeds, slowly. Photos to come, also. Two sets of beautiful upper cabinets are now installed in my new kitchen and 3/4 of the beautiful floor. It's still going to be several weeks until moving day. The old house is listed for sale and we've had a few looky-loos so far.

* 20 weeks to Beach 2 Battleship iron-distance triathlon means that SERIOUS tri-training begins this week! I'm using a modified free canned training program, which looks good, along with logging my workouts there. They have a "friends" function, though I'm not sure exactly what the friends thing does.

* I just ordered one of these funny-looking bike saddles. It's my only hope for riding long distances without being in serious, serious, SERIOUS discomfort after 2-3 hours. Nothing else has worked, and I've tried everything. Everything. And yes, red is fast.


ShirleyPerly said...

Happy birthday, Nancy!

My husband has that bike seat and really likes it. It's not read, though.

MamaMaven said...

Please give us a review on the new saddle I am trying to find something more comfy!

Nancy Toby said...

I will! I've read several glowing reviews online, but I think saddles are pretty individual. Sure hope it works for me.