Thursday, July 24, 2008

Intervals are hard

I was going to take a nice bike ride today - only to find out my poor new tire had a blowout inside the shed. Hopefully just a pinch flat, but I didn't have time to change it and still get in much of a ride.

Decided to do some work on foot instead. Warmed up one mile. Ran half mile hard, walk one tenth, repeat for four work intervals. Finish it off with a couple shorter jogging intervals to warm down.

I hope that helps since I have nothing in the way of long runs to count toward my Steelhead half Ironman preparation. Going to have to just wing it on "muscle memory" and a few short runs.


LBTEPA said...

they sound hard.
I want to come on that road trip!

jbmmommy said...

Looks like quite a nice pace you kept on those intervals, too. I'm sure you'll be fine at Steelhead, your body has many race memories to choose from for reminders.

Fe-lady said...

You will DO this! You have done it many times before...and you KNOW you will be ahead of a certain someone...:-)

You have out in reasonable amounts of training to get through it in a good time! Best of luck!

amybee said...

Looks like a tough workout indeed!

Good luck with Steelhead. Coming up soon... enjoy your last workouts before TAPER!