Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sitting in a waiting room. My daughter Catherine starts drawing in ink all over her legs.

I tell her to stop it. "We don't write all over ourselves."

"But Moooommmm," she whines, "When you go to a race you have ink all over."

She has a point.

I write her race number 5 (her age, as requested) on her arm.

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rachel said...

you know... that's an observant kid you have there. glad you're encouraging it. and hey! the kiddie tri's I remember in the seattle area allowed the little ones to start competing in closely sheparded* events at the age of 6. One more year!

*very short distance for the little ones, someone always within reach and watching each child in the very short and shallow swim (they could wade if they wanted to) and someone running along beside them on the bicycle.