Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dorchester YMCA Crab Run Half Marathon

Results for my 39th half marathon finish:

Nancy Toby F 51 St. Michaels
Chip time: 02:38:10
Pace: 12:05 min/mile
Overall: 156/164
Age group: 3/3

That's a fast bunch for a small inaugural race! The course was flat and fast - almost identical to the Eagleman half Ironman course, so I was very familiar with it. It was rainy but in the 50s, no excuses on the temperatures. I got to the halfway point turnaround in about 1:14:25 according to my Garmin, but fell apart on the second half.

After the stop in the woods at the 6 mile mark, I count six walking breaks in the second half of the race, which really brought down my finish time.

March 9 Princess Half Marathon: 2:56:04
March 22 National Half Marathon: 2:35:48
Yesterday Cambridge YMCA Half: 2:38:10

Time to get to work on bringing back that endurance! I'd like to get back to running the speeds that I was two years ago!

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jeanne said...

perfectly respectable! I walked a TON during the 2nd half of the national half. I couldn't tell you why. Seemed like a good idea a the time!

That damn's the cure for many ailments!