Saturday, April 18, 2009

In midstream

I haven't done much swim-bike-run to speak of this week, but I've worked on the house 3+ hours each day. Call it upper-body cross-training camp. It must be some level of exertion, because every day my hands and shoulders are sore, and I was down to my lowest weight of the year this morning!

Things are progressing! After much spackling (two quart tubs worth) and sanding and wall prep, I've finally begun the real painting fun. This will be an "Ariel" bathroom for the girls when I'm done, but here's a "before" shot:

And here's midway:

I started preparing another upstairs room for painting by removing the outlet covers and came across this big nest of disgusting. They're teensy ants, fortunately, and not termites - and shortly after this shot all the soldiers died horrible but mercifully quick deaths from an overdose of Raid.

Things are progressing outside, too - finally got most of the bushes chopped down from 12 years of overgrowth and I'm gradually whipping the place into shape. The Bradford pear blossoms have just passed. I still have to decide what to do with that little raised garden in the foreground that formerly featured a broken birdbath and was formerly edged with attractive rotting wood. The enormous oak on the right will come into its leaves very soon and nicely shade the house in midday all summer.


Fe-lady said...

Love the color! (Is it called "midstream"?)

My latest favorite is called "fig" and I have painted a couple of accent tables with it.

My dream job is to name paint chips....JK! :-)

HEATHER said...

I can't wait to see the Ariel bathroom! My favorite Disney movie :)