Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted - twice!

Once here: http://iftheworldcouldvote.com/

and once at my regular polling place. I voted (you guessed it) basically a straight Democratic ticket, although a straight ticket didn't seem to be an option this time. Except I voted against a local guy running for school board who has had nasty disputes in his personal life splashed all over the papers for months.

They had a mock election at the elementary school yesterday and both of my girls voted for McCain. Catherine said it was because her Daddy likes McCain. Hmm, they pick up all kinds of things when you don't even realize they're listening, don't they!?

Obama ended up winning the elementary school election in a landslide, however. It was fun watching the African-American principal of our school help an African-American fifth grade boy wearing an Obama shirt proudly announce the school election results over the school PA system.


amybee said...

Rock on Nancy!

I was first in line at my voting place this morning.

I'm hoping for very positive, exciting news this evening!

Shannon said...

voted too today!

Happy Tuesday!