Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Return of Chesapeakeman

Holly and I are doing the Chesapeakeman iron-distance aqua velo on Saturday, in training for Beach 2 Battleship iron-distance triathlon in November. (Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles.) Weather forecast (*knock on wood, obeisance to the Tri Gods*) looks near-perfect: Cloudy. Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the low 60s.

I just cleaned up my bike Buttercup, checked her all out (yes, the new red tires look fine), took off the behind-the-seat chandelier bottle holder for race day, and restocked the under-seat-pack. She looks ready to rumble.

Predictions? I haven't done a huge amount of swimming this year, but instead of an extra-long mid-river point-to-point, it's a 2-lap course in a shallow protected cove this time around. Shouldn't be too bad.

Of course I'd like to beat my 2006 times:
SWIM 2.4 miles: 1:52:11 (2:39/100 yards) (8/11 women)
SWIM TO BIKE TRANSITION: 11:51 (10/11 women)
BIKE 112 miles: 6:58:50 (16.0 mph average)(8/11 women)
FINISH: 9:02:51 (10/11 women)

Let's say for 2009 goals:
SWIM 2.4 miles: 1:45:00 (my typical pool pace would give me about 1:48 for 2.4 miles)
SWIM TO BIKE TRANSITION: 10:00 (try not to collapse in a chair and start chatting this time) BIKE 112 miles: 6:48:00 (16.5 mph average)
FINISH: 8:43:00

Not sure I can do that, I've been slow lately! Race day will tell the story!

I've got a few friends doing the full - the plan is to slap on my running shoes and go out on the run course after I finish to the first mile marker and back just to test my legs and warm down and see if I can spot them.

Any last-minute recommendations for me?


Wendy said...

No recommendations -- just wishing you both the best of luck!

Rainmaker said...

Cool - I'll see ya out there then. Doing the same race as well (Aqua-velo).

Also doing the same as you for a post-bike 30 minute-ish run. At which point I will stop, and revel in the fact I don't have to run another 22 miles like everyone else. :)

jeanne said...

yes, here's my recommendation: Don't freak out on the swim, and don't forget to have fun!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Have fun! I would like to do the Aqua-velo one day!