Thursday, December 09, 2010

Goofy approacheth

Yes, I’m going back to Walt Disney World in 2011 for the Goofy Challenge once again with my friend Jeanne and training buddy Dave.

Half marathon January 8, 2011 bibs: Nancy: 30773 & Jeanne: 46138

Marathon January 9, 2011 bibs: Nancy: 14335 & jeanne: 16474

Runner tracker information should be posted on the Disney Marathon race website shortly before race day. I’d expect to be crossing the starting line mats at about 6:00 AM EST each day.

My only goal is to beat my 2006 times:

2006 Half marathon FINISH Chip Time: 3:14:35

2006 Marathon FINISH Chip time 6:37:49

2006 Total: 9:52:24

This Saturday is a training marathon in Rehoboth, Delaware. I’ll be happy with a strong finish, as opposed to the debacle of the Philadelphia Marathon-turned-half a few weeks ago that I couldn’t even bring myself to write about!


LBTEPA said...

how exciting! We are planning Goofy 2012 so please don't hold back with details on your race report :)

nancytoby said...

Thanks for the encouragement to get back to blogging! I've been remiss - and my running form has declined at the same time. Coincidence?

*jeanne* said...

My goal for Goofy is to finish. Any pace.
Any place.
Finish before they slam the gates on me.
2nd choice goal - Finish the half, so I can get my Coast-to-Coast medal by running the Disneyland half in September 2011.