Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good luck Emily!

Best wishes to American figure skater Emily Hughes on getting out of the US successfully during this snowstorm, getting permission from the IOC (done!) to replace the injured Michelle Kwan on the US team, and having a fabulous skate in Torino!

Wouldn't that be a fairy-tale ending if she did well there!?

Best wishes also to Michelle in her future career. What a true champion!

Oh, and another good luck to our local Maryland figure skater, Kimmie Meissner.

Another fairy-tale story out of the Olympics: I heard in the TV coverage yesterday that the coach Yao Bin of one of the top-ranked Chinese pairs figure-skating teams (Shen and Zhao) was DFL at the Sarajevo Olympics. "Yao says he remembers the audience laughing at their performance" at the 1980 world championships. It looks like he stayed in the business and went on to a great career, and got the last laugh!


Downhillnut said...

On Yao Bin:
He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. - George Bernard Shaw

Those who have tried, whether they've failed or not, know much more than those who haven't, in my view.

I've really loved watching Michelle skate over the years, no matter the point results. Saw the NBC interview with Emily today - love her enthusiasm!

Cliff said...

Thanks for sharing Nancy.

BOth stories are very humble and admirable. Things I love about sports.

Papa Tweet said...

We have a local athlete in the Olympics too, Billie Shoofenhouer (sp ?). He's our neighbor actually. He's a bobsledder. He won a silver in Salt Lake 2002. He seems like a great guy. He shows up to the local triathlons as a guest speaker and stuff.